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‘Charlie’s In Town’ by David Kavanagh (Hoping for a Summer 2018 Digital & Paperback release)

On 31st August 1994 the IRA declared a ‘complete cessation’ of violence after 25 years of bitter fighting. This paved the way for peace talks and as relations between Ireland and England grew, the chances of a Royal visit to Southern Ireland became more likely.

On 31st May 1995, Prince Charles arrived in Dublin for his first official visit which was a complete success. However, it was not his first time in Dublin. In 1993 a light plane he was travelling in crashed into the sea off the Irish coast and he parachuted to safety and dry land in heavy fog. He landed in a dense forest and was found by a local man out walking his dog. On realizing where he was, and suffering from concussion, he asked the man if he could stay for a few days and live life as a ‘normal’ person without paparazzi following him everywhere. He befriended ‘Jem’ the man who found him and they struck up a deal in order to make it happen. A huge fan of Architecture he longed to visit places like Trinity College and Dublin Castle as a normal tourist. Very few people know of this visit… until now


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