The Author

The author is David Kavanagh.

I had my first attempt of writing a book in 1994 following a dream about Prince Charles being involved in a light plane crash in the Dublin mountains & being helped by a local man out walking his dog. Leading to a crazy weekend sightseeing around Dublin on a very different tour than the guided ones. Although I finished it & still have the original handwritten one, my third draught which was a lot more detailed, went missing when sent for typing. I had numerous more attempts to write ‘Book 2′ and never got there. A drawer full of unfinished ideas still sitting there waiting for inspiration.

After being made redundant I decided to take writing a lot more seriously & actually bring an idea the whole way to publishing whether it made money or not (but obviously hopeful it would). In 2012 I was halfway through yet another book & had the idea for Billy & Lisa. After scribbling multiple pages of notes I couldn’t put it on the back burner & went into it straight away, as I felt ‘this is the one.’ Hopefully I am right.

Draught one was over 220,000 words (300 + pages) which was far too long but relieved to get it from inside my head onto paper. I have been trimming it down ever since. With my intended publisher out of business I have to do it myself now… and I will. It is taking a lot longer than I obviously intended & the follow up to Billy & Lisa is also in the draught stages as it involves Southampton in 1912 when the Titanic was docked there. Serious research needed for that one.

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