This is the story of Billy and Lisa. They are two people from completely different ends of society, who have absolutely nothing in common… but amazingly show that real friendship has no boundaries.He is a 64 year old homeless man, who was once a highly decorated SAS Officer, and she is a beautiful 17 year old super intelligent grade-A student in her final year in secondary school.They live in the same town…a medium sized seaside town on the south coast of England, near Brighton called Dartmouth. She lives in a lovely 4 bedroom detached house with her mother, and he lives in a battered maintenance shed at the very end of the town’s rundown pier, known simply as Dartmouth Pier.They don’t know… and in reality, should never know each other… but all that is about to change… forever.

One miserable stormy unforgiving night, both are separately involved in a series of tragic events which devastate them personally, and leaves them, in their confused and distressed state of minds, no other option but to end their lives on the pier. He just has had enough of life after being beaten up by thugs yet again, and feels he won’t be missed by anyone. She has been slipped two date rape drugs at a party and is totally out of her mind, not knowing what she is doing or where she is going! She is grieving for one of her closest friends who recently committed suicide and for her grandmother whom she witnessed being murdered, leading to threats on her own life if she testifies against the killers. After a serious row with both her boyfriend and cousin Mary who is also her best friend, she storms out of the house and somehow arrives at the pier… the place Billy calls home!

Their chance meeting at the same time in the same place to commit the same act of ‘suicide’… leads them to begin talking to and arguing with each other. Firstly, he tries to talk her out of it… and wants her to go home. Then she feels if she leaves him there and goes home… he will jump when she is gone. So a cat and mouse blackmail situation arises between them, which would make one feel responsible if the other one did it… She warns him that if she does go home, she will return the following night… and if he is not there, she will then jump into the sea! This leaves him with a decision to make which now affects both of them… this is how it happens… and what follows!

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