Charlie’s In Town

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‘Charlie’s In Town’ by David Kavanagh (Hoping for a 2021 Digital & Paperback release)

On 31st August 1994 the IRA declared a ‘complete cessation’ of violence after 25 years of bitter fighting. This paved the way for peace talks and as relations between Ireland and England grew. The chances of a Royal visit to Southern Ireland became more likely.

On 31st May 1995, Prince Charles arrived in Dublin for his first official visit which was a complete success. A lover of architecture and the arts, Dublin was always high on his wish list of cities to visit safely.

Some people insist it wasn’t his first time in Dublin.
In 1993 a light two seater plane ran into difficulty off the Irish coast. A man parachuted to safety and reached dry land in heavy fog. He landed in a dense forest and was found by a local man out walking his dog while the plane struggled on to Belfast.
While suffering from concussion he spoke to the man and thought he was in Liverpool. He claimed to be Prince Charles and was informed he was in Dublin; a City he’d never been able to visit. He was stressed with the 24/7 spotlight on him. He hated the paparazzi following him everywhere—and wanted a break from it all. He asked the man if he could stay for a few days and live life as a ‘normal’ person. He befriended Jem, the man who found him, and they struck up a deal to disguise him in order to make it happen. With help from a friend he disguised him as his cousin Christy from Glasgow, with a dark curly wig and a beard.
A huge fan of old English & Irish designed buildings, he longed to visit places like Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Merrion Square, The Old Bank, Museums and Art Galleries as a normal tourist. The forty-year-old Dublin man introduced a disguised future King of England to his friends in the local pub, the bookies and the disco—and the City tour was planned.

Jem’s problem was that he didn’t know what historical treasure his own city held. If fact he knew nothing about his own city—the perfect tour guide.
He passed Trinity on a bus or walking up Grafton Street, but could always ask a culchie (country person) for directions if he got lost.
Very few people know of this visit… until now.


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