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Billy is a 64 year-old ex-Special Forces officer. He has been a homeless alcoholic for longer than he can remember, and has been living rough on the pier for about 5 years. He has travelled around from town to town just trying to survive. He has had numerous ‘no fixed abodes’ in his time on the streets.

Nowadays his once proud 6 foot frame is stooped over, as his ailing bones struggle to work properly, the way they used to. He still has a full head of hair, though it is a dirty grey colour, and his bushy grey beard and weather beaten face, make him totally unrecognizable compared to the fine soldier he once was. The pupils in his eyes are black from everything life has thrown at him, but he can see perfectly… even in the dark!

He communicates with nobody apart with the ‘soup girls’ in their van who help him when they can. His daily struggle to survive and his ailing health drive him to end his life one fatal stormy winters night. With no friends or family to grieve for him the last thing he ever expects to do is find one… and just before he jumps off the pier he meets Lisa, who has her own reasons to be there!


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Lisa is a 17 year old schoolgirl who loves animals, music, dancing and her phone, in no particular order. At 5 foot 8 and made up, she passes easily for 21 as most 17 year old girls do nowadays. She changes her hair style on a whim although it is naturally black… just like her mum!

She is a very pretty and highly intelligent girl who comes from a well brought up background. She lives in a nice comfortable 4 bedroom detached house in the town. Her bedroom is a shrine to music especially the singer Pink. She is currently grieving for her grandmother whom she witnessed being killed very recently & her friend Amanda who committed suicide 3 months ago. An impending court case against the killers has led to death threats if she testifies. With her parents divorced, she is angry with her father and meets Billy in very unusual circumstances. They slowly form a friendship of trust and loyalty which helps both of them get through their inner problems. He becomes the subject of a school project for her, and the more she finds out about his past life, the bigger the  mystery about him. She vows to help him find his long lost family, while he helps her with a little matter of threats from the Thompson’s!

She goes through every emotion possible in this story and sheds gallons of tears while telling Billy her problems in his workshop!



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Karen is Lisa’s mother and is 40 years young. She works as a senior nurse in the local hospital and is a fully qualified medic. She is taller than Lisa at 5 foot 10, and also has black hair, and tries to keep herself looking 10 years younger.

She and Lisa are very close though they can fight like cat and dog at times. Typical mother and daughter stuff, though they usually sort it out pretty quickly as they both hate silence. They share each others clothes and make up as they are basically the same size. Karen likes to think they are the same size though never takes up Lisa’s offer to step on the bathroom scales for a second opinion. It is just the two of them living in the house as Lisa is an only child. Her mother has been recently murdered in a botched robbery and she is very concerned about her daughter’s safety with the Thompson’s causing mayhem. She would love to sell up and get away with Lisa but her stubborn daughter is having none of it and wants justice!

How will she feel when she finds out her daughter has a new friend called Billy?

She is divorced and single and looks great!



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Mary is a long legged, very slim, 21 year old, man mad, party animal.

She is 6ft in height and loves all the latest fashion gossip, and her brand new red Cherokee Jeep her Daddy bought her for her 21st birthday. She is a first cousin of Lisa and they are also best friends.

Her hobbies include riding (horses), talking about men, looking at men, thinking about men, swimming and handball! She is single and very available but that changes daily! She is also a fully qualified chartered boat skipper, and regularly takes lucky fishermen on day trips around Dartmouth Bay or divers to wrecks just off their white cliffs!

She is also a ‘Porn Again Christian!’

Kenny & Wendy

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Kenny is Lisa’s father, and is a 43 year old taxi driver who still lives in the town, but it’s with his new partner Wendy, who works in the taxi office he works from.  He is concerned that Lisa doesn’t really speak to him even after 5 years away from her mother. She totally ignored him for 3 years but it’s a little better now. He is hopeful they can patch things up but she only calls round to see her dog, a Black Labrador named Sparky. And she rarely talks to Wendy who is a fitness fanatic. Wendy jogs on the beach every morning and evening, and now in her early 40′s she likes to stay slim and agile… and it looks like she is doing a decent enough job of that! She also plays tennis at the local club where she originally met Kevin who collected her as a fare! She tries hard to talk to Lisa and hopes someday to hear the word ‘hello’ from her! With their wedding approaching, she has one special person in mind for her chief bridesmaid… Lisa!

Sadie & Terry (The Bad Guys)

Sadie and her hooded partner Terry are the scurge of the town. They constantly commit burglaries, hold ups, arson and now murder! Both have been in trouble since childhood, with Terry spending more time in prison than out. Her father is a judge in the town so she takes advantage of that fact. Nowadays esadie and terry paid shutterstock_102098071very time they are caught, some evidence against them mysteriously disappears… and they are released to continue their crime spree… However the two amigo’s made one mistake on dark rainy winter’s stormy night… They attacked Billy!

The Soup Girls: Chloe & Olivia

soup girlsThe soup girls Olivia and Chloe do their nightly rounds to help people like Billy with food, blankets and shelter. They are volunteers who give up their own time to do this and are angels in the night for homeless people.

Tom & Flo

Tom and Flo run an off license along the promenade in Dallmouth. They are close to retirement and are sick of having to pay extortionate backhanders to get their liquor license every year. Chelsea fan Tom is ex-military like Billy, but never made special forces. They befriend Billy over time and many a late night and bottle of whiskey is spent talking about their time in the services. Flo is the brains of the operation and runs the shop for them!tom and flo

Judge Thompson

Since Judge Carlos Thompson arrived in town a few years ago, the place has slowly deteriorated into constant disarray and mayhem! With his brother who is thjudge thompson beache Mayor, they have only one agenda, and that is to knock down the south side of the promenade and build a casino there. He bribes officials and bully’s landlords for more ‘thank you’ checks to have their liquor licences renewed each year. Plus he comes down heavy on anyone who refuses by bullying, arson… even murder! His daughter Sadie and her hooded partner Terry are part of his little gang of bandits which is slowly growing. He needs to be stopped soon before it gets completely out of control. Every time a police investigation into his affairs gets under way it is very quickly stopped with orders from high command… Why?  The towns big hope for Sadie and Terry finally being brought to justice lies in the hands of Lisa. She witnessed her grandmother being killed by them and despite threats she is adamant to see it through.


Craig is also a member of Judge Thompson’s band of petty thieves and murderers. He has only recently been released from prison for armed robbery and has quickly resumed his life of crime. He is Terry’s brother and boasts openly about his long string of sentences for every crime conceivable! A nastyCraig paid shutterstock_45290350 piece of work!

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